Happy Visitor

Rankuke Investments and Happy Visitor ESolutions PVT ltd  have a partnership that allows us to distribute Happy Visitor products within Botswana.

We offer training and first-line support to clients.
Happy Visitor provides simple and affordable solutions which streamlines all your front desk management challenges. Whether your need is to automate the front office operations, track visitors, assets, or consumables or to secure your premises, Happy visitor is a one stop solution to all.

In line with our mission of providing practical business solutions, we and Happy Visitor team, aim at making a smooth, hassle free and pleasurable front desk. Today, thousands of organizations across the world, from large Fortune 500 companies to SMEs to Schools to Multi-Tenant Facility, use our products to transform their front desk operations

We offer happy visitor in the teirs as shown below:


What are the requirements to use Happy Visitor?

You will need a PC to run our SaaS based application, a printer to print your badges and a bar code/ QR code reader if you need bar code/ QR code integration. You can get in touch with our experts to get a list of our recommended products.

How does Happy Visitor’s free trial work?

Try our visitor management solution for free to understand how best it fits your needs. You can get in touch with our team to get your trial today.

Can we customize the application?

Happy Visitor is a feature rich product that is highly customizable. Our product experts will help you tailor-fit the application as per your needs.